Exciting things coming to Downtown Kennesaw

How do we choose our home? For each of us there is always a certain criteria where we begin our search. Whether it is price, location or size. When we begin the process, we have already drawn out a road map designed to find the perfect home for us. We know not to look at million dollar homes if our price range is $500,000. We know not to look at homes that are 2 bedrooms when we know we need four. Therefore, our search is always geared towards what we know is best for us. With that in mind, Galt Commons wanted to be a community that spoke to as many future Homeowners as possible while remaining a unique and one-of-a-kind community. A community where quality counts most! A community where our Developer lives, works and plays. A community that we would be so proud of that each Homeowner would know us by name and be able to call us friends for life. The only way that can be achieved is for the pride in construction to be so fabulous that we wow them with high quality, classic, timeless, top-of-the-line details and then put it all in a community that no one wants to leave. A community where you invite your friends and family and continually hear "I've never seen anything like this!" We want you to be as proud of your home as they are of building it. I can't think of any better qualities for a Developer than that. Check out the video for more details! 

How do we choose where we call home? Is it more than the structure? For most, the answer to that is an absolute yes! Certainly we begin with what is important to us in a home but most everyone takes it one step further to ask "What would our lifestyle be like if we lived there?" Do we like the hustle and bustle of an active community? Do we desire to be able to walk to most everything we need? How important is night-life?" Our dream is to make those big decisions in life a little more clear for every Homeowner. If that answer is yes for you, Galt Commons is the place to call home!  Sit on your front porch and enjoy the festivals of downtown Kennesaw. Enjoy a night out at one of our awesome Breweries, or enjoy the many open beer gardens. Walk to some of the best, award-winning restaurants or a simple stroll to the park. All without a set of car keys. K-Town has taken live, work, play to another level and the locals could not be more excited or welcoming than they have been. Sometimes, change is good! Check out the video for more details! 


#1 By Shelly Browne at 2/2/2021 -2:40 PM

So cool! It looks like you're on vacation forever!

#2 By Mickey Mellen at 4/9/2021 8:32 AM

Galt Commons just looks amazing!

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